Oldtown Kaleiçi


A beautifully-preserved historic district on the Mediterranean, Old Town Kaleiçi is the heart of the city Antalya. Today Old Town’s cobblestone streets and red brick sidewalks hum with an energy that attracts everyone from presidents to pet lovers to some of the city’s best restaurants, arts events, shopping and historic attractions.

  • The area has an harbor  where you’ll find restaurants with waterfront views.
  • ……Street, the main thoroughfare of Kaleiçi, is a walkable one mile of shops, restaurants, and outdoor cafes.
  • You’ll also find a wealth of historic architecture and attractions — a museum  — including the Market Square.

By day, Kaleiçi bustles with museum-goers, art enthusiasts, and shoppers. Night or day, top chefs draw diners with creative menus and exquisite experiences. At night, Old Town bars and pubs are abuzz with live music, along with local beer or craft cocktails.